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of Isolde Martyn

Isolde Martyn is an international historical novelist with 8 published novels and, recently, an Australian history picture book! Five of her novels are set in the Wars of the Roses era, which has been a lifelong interest for her. Her soon to be published 9th novel is set in the late Tudor era.

She very much enjoys focusing her stories on real historical people. The Devil in Ermine is told from the viewpoint of Richard III’s cousin, the Duke of Buckingham, and Mistress to the Crown is narrated by Elizabeth Lambard (Mistress ‘Jane’ Shore), King Edward IV’s lover.

Awards: ‘Best First Novel 2000’ from Romance Writers of America and RUBY winner 1999 and 2001 from Romance Writers of Australia.

Isolde’s earlier career was in publishing and academia and she has an Honours Degree in History from the University of Exeter, UK.

About Isolde

Isolde Martyn is an English-Australian author of historical novels and a non-fiction history picture book for children. She is best known for her novels set during the Wars of the Roses which focus on some of the leading historical people of the era.

Genre: Historical fiction, historical romance and children’s non-fiction history

Latest News


Sapere Books are gradually republishing Isolde’s backlist and all her Yorkist novels are now available from Amazon. The German translation of her first three titles are now available from Dotbooks either individually, or as a three-book package and her first two titles are have been recorded by Bolinda Audio

The Lady and the Unicorn

This award-winning novel explores the real identity of the mysterious lady spy employed by King Edward IV.

The Knight and the Rose

A medieval 'Green Card'. England 1422: a rebel knight, fleeing for his life, is blackmailed into helping a noblewoman free herself from a cruel marriage.

The Silver Bride

Forced into marriage by her father, a clairvoyant bride is caught up in the political machinations of her ambitious husband.

Fleur de Lis

A young French aristocrat masquerades as a scandalous Parisian actress to save her life.

The Devil in Ermine

Harry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, tells his version of the events of 1483 when his cousin, Richard III, seized the crown.

Mistress to the Crown

The story of Elizabeth Lambard, better known as the notorious whore, 'Jane Shore', mistress to King Edward IV.

The Golden Widows

Two young widows, on opposite sides in the Wars of the Roses, struggle to save their children's inheritance. One of them is destined to become a queen.


Can a noble lord, a 'small person' jester and a serving wench save the city of Mirascon from a merciless crusader army?

Country Town

In Country Town, Louise Hogan’s beautiful illustrations tell the decade by decade story of a fictional Australian inland town from the First Nations mob living by the river crossing through to the present day. The accompanying text by Isolde Martyn and Robyn Ridgeway has a lovely light tone. It directs the reader’s attention to some of the little characters shown in the illustrations as well as featuring many of the major themes of Australia’s history.

The age range? Ninish to 90+. Young readers can pore over each spread to discover the stories of the community and the changes in the town, while seniors can indulge in nostalgia. One school has already planned to use the book in their English syllabus in 2024. The book is an excellent trigger for classroom discussion or maybe asking great-grandpa what he remembers about WWII.

Thoughts and Articles

Although this is a renovated site, most of the articles have been kept and although the ‘Tips for aspiring writers’ were written before the internet (goodness, that’s ageing!), they are still useful.
First of all, having some fun with three historic people….

A Yuletide round robin from Eleanor of Aquitaine

Mes Amis en Aquitaine, With this horrid pestilence going round, I’ve been spending a lot of time in

Bessie’s Christmas letter

In 1483, Princess Elizabeth, daughter of the late King Edward IV, found herself and her siblings suddenly declared

Richard III demands a say in his reburial

Richard III demands a say in his reburial Another document you won’t find in the UK’s National Archives

Encountering your hero and heroine’s descendants

When you write about historical people, it’s always a thrill to meet someone who is actually descended from

Malleus Maleficarum

In writing about a medieval clairvoyant in The Silver Bride, charges of witchcraft in Mistress to the Crown

Thornbury Castle

Just north of Bristol is the modest town of Thornbury, and for most users of the M5 motorway,

Plantagenet History Society of Australia

The Society was begun in 1999 in Sydney. Its aim is to promote discussion and interest in the Plantagenet era, Henry II to Richard III (1154 – 1485). More information on their website.

Isolde was one of the co-founders and is currently Chair of the Society.

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